Saturday, 26 March 2016

3 essential Sephora eyeshadows you need to own

Recently, I went for a little Sephora hunt with my mum, hoping I could get a really nice foundation - and I did (but about that in another post ;)). My mum had her birthday a few days earlier, so she could get a sample sized gift from Sephora and she did - a kit of three eyeshadows. She told me to do a subtle makeup on her with them, so I could try them out and honestly, I was blown away.

Let's begin with the aspect of their pigmentation because it is outstanding. Usually, when an eyeshadow is highly pigmented it either falls of the eyelid and creates a mess under the eyes or it has that weird texture that at the end of the day it will cause the eyeshadow to crease on the eyelid and that's never a good look. With these ones the case looks different. They almost have a creamy texture that sticks perfectly to the eyelid. What's more they are very easy to blend. It may seem, that when an eyeshadow is really pigmented, it can be difficult to make this subtle, smoked look without ending up with harsh lines, but in this case it's really easy.

What I love about these eyeshadows is that even though they seem to be very natural and subtle in a way, because of their colours, they can still be a great base or a pop of colour to a dramatic look. For example, the lightest one in the shade of Movie Popcorn N°72 put in the corners of the eyes will instantly make them bigger and more woken up. There are countless options to do your makeup with colours like these ones, so there are really no limits to your creativity when it comes to them. If you add decent quality formula to the equation it's a great deal. 

Movie Popcorn N°72

Be on the A-list N°49

It bag N°80

Thank you for reading and I'll talk to you soon xx